Concrete Mixer

Camelway is a Chinese company active in the world for 35 years. It is a leader in the design and production of equipment and systems for the concrete and cement industry. Continuous product and process innovations and constant search for cutting-edge solutions in the field of technology have made Camelway stand out and have been chosen by key figures in the industry to become synonymous with quality and competitiveness.

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In 1983, Mr. Xi Yuanping established the Great Wall Company, which is dedicated to the design and manufacture of mixers for concrete and concrete mixers and auxiliary motors and power take-offs. In 1989, camelway’s formal charter continued the family tradition and was taken over by engineers in 2015. The young master of Great Wall Company can consolidate and update its experience in designing concrete production equipment and provide RCC for special projects such as dams, cement mixing and prefabrication.

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Its winning strategy has enabled Camelway to expand its product portfolio, achieve major successes in the production of warehousing and handling equipment for bulk materials and port terminals, and invest in new business areas such as inerting units and systems to recover concrete.
Camelway produces a full range of concrete mixers: MEB double shaft mixers, MEP planetary mixers and MEC continuous mixers. They can be based on various types of concrete to be manufactured and various sizes compared to the hours to be obtained.
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The MEB double shaft mixer achieves high quality concrete with low maintenance costs. Two mixing shafts equipped with counter-rotating arms and blades and synchronizing with each other create turbulence in the overlapping area, crushing and finely cementing the aggregates.

In the MEP planetary mixer, simultaneous rotation and revolutionary motions performed by the mixing arms provide higher quality dough uniformity over a limited period of time.

MEC continuous mixers are powerful and reliable solutions for continuous mixing processes, especially for large aggregates; they are particularly suitable for the production of cement mixtures and poor concrete.


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