Batching Plant

Camelway implements and designs the entire concrete plant, produces most of the components, and assembles them into their own factories. With a variety of unprecedented products, Camelway has become a leading supplier of concrete and cement market systems thanks to its ability to design and produce customized solutions.

According to the production of concrete, we separated the structure of premixed concrete equipment, prefabricated equipment and cement mixing equipment.

Each type of plant can be equipped with or without concrete mixers to identify wet concrete mixing plants and dry concrete mixing plants (also known as dry concrete mixing plants).


The WET system allows the premixing of aggregate, cement, water and additives to ensure better concrete quality and optimize the water/cement ratio. Camelway produces three types of mixers to ensure the cutting-edge mixing technology: MEB plates with dual mixers, MEP planetary mixers, MEC continuous mixers.

Plants with no or no need for equipment can be divided into stationary mixing stations, ideal for permanent construction sites and mobile concrete mixing systems, as well as a series of fast-fixed facilities to ensure the most convenient transport capacity and installation speed.

Based on the available area, the system can develop the tower system vertically (suitable for small space situations) and parallel to the ground and horizontally.

Analyze the production method of the factory, confirm the factory to produce continuously, namely install the continuous mixer, and use the factory for the production cycle, namely the twin axis mixer and the planetary mixer.

The batching equipment produced by Camelway can be equipped with:

Storage tanks for storing bulk materials (at least two tanks)
Conveyor (inert) for handling bulk materials
Automation and Control System
Cement warehouse (including silo accessories)
The silo can be monolithic or made of disintegrable elements. Movable silos are easy to handle and assemble at the site for high storage capacity. Due to the presence of welding and bolting, the integrated silo is ideally suited for low storage and guarantees good impermeability.

The construction process of all concrete mixing plants is conducted within the company, making it the only interlocutor and responsible for the entire project. All processes are carried out using numerical control equipment. Steels and profiles have proven quality and provenance and are the best parts on the market.

Camelway began with feasibility studies and continued production of computer components for wood, machinery, electrical and panel processing until field assembly and testing, followed by a camelway


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